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Dr. Bob
Dr. Bob
I am responsible,
Whenever anyone, anywhere,
Reaches out for help.
I want the hand of A.A.
Always to be there.
And for that,
I Am Responsible.
Bill W.

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This Website is Dedicated to the Memory of Russ Walker
Russ Walker
October 10, 1941 - April 7, 2008

A Man Named Russ Walker by Troy S.

I’ve met people that are "doers" and people that are "talkers", now let’s talk about a man his name is Russ Walker. Let’s talk about the things he did before he past. All of these things will most certainly last. He started committees for our great fellowship. He did that with deed and not just with lip. He would go in to prisons and into the jail. They loved to see Russ even more than their mail. He would share with these men his experience, strength, and hope and most of them recovered from alcohol and dope. His commitment to service was out done by none. That’s easy to see by the things he has done. Now I sit here tonight with tears in my eyes and a heart full of woe. With this ache in my heart where should I go? I don’t feel like visiting, so I guess I’ll stay home. I’ll do what Russ liked and I’ll write him a poem. Now these words that I write I’ll try to make rhyme. It’s really quite hard at this heart breaking time. I’ve lost a great mentor, brother and friend, but for Russ it’s the beginning and not just the end. Now he’s up there in heaven because angels are slacking. Motivation it seems is what they are lacking. They forgot what to do, they forgot about service. GOD got concerned he really got nervous. GOD needed a great doer and not just a talker. GOD thought it was time to call up Russ Walker. Now Russ is up there serving that great service board. That’s one great group conscience just Russ and the Lord. Russ took his committees and he gave them to GOD. He looked and he grinned as he gave Russ a nod. I’ll get you some angels to do what you need. I’m so glad that I called you to help me to lead. Now the angels are all working to spread love of others and make us all act like sisters and brothers. So if you are feeling more spiritual and don’t really know why, just thank Russ Walker and wipe that tear from your eye.
We love you Russ - May your committees always be full

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